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We received a lecture by Iain Jonston about the industrial heritage of Glasgow and how it fell.

This was the only history lesson I have ever found interesting! Iain first showed us the boom of Glasgow industry during the 1800s and early 1900s. These can be seen in some of these images:

Shipbuilding on the Clyde

Steam locomotive production

Conversely, Iain also showed us what happened when the industrial boom left us. Glasgow is now a husk of its former self in terms of industry and manufacturing. Where once, we led the way as the 2nd city of the Empire, we are now just a ruin of what once was.

What is left of clydebank shipyards.

But is it all downhill now? Will we no longer prove to be an important city, now that we no longer have industry or manufacturing (or so little that makes no difference)? Or…
Can we make Glasgow a thriving centre for other types of industry? how about design?

Personally, I think it is a little sad that we could not keep more of our industrial heritage, but we cannot spend all our time longing for what was once ours. I think Glasgow can still be a globally influential city, through academia, and importantly – digital industry. Bring on the next industrial revolution! I think we are ready.



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