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On Thursday the 19th April, we were given a lecture on the ‘aesthetics of technology’ by Hugh Pizey. We first looked into the aesthetics of Science Fiction. We looked at a scene from the classic 1950’s “Forbidden Planet,” looking at the iconic 1950’s American Sci-Fi style. Now, probably what we would call retro-geeky.

The great machine

This really made me think. I have never really noticed how much science fiction really does influence the world of product design. I suppose it makes perfect sense, we watch films set in the future – showing some really awesome gadget that instantly makes you say “I want one of those!!” Then some clever designer actually thinks of a way to produce these awesome gadgets.

A brilliant example of this is star trek in the 1960’s. The crew of the starship enterprise used these strange devices that flipped open to communicate with one another…. flip phone?

Is that texting I see?

This is quite an exciting idea. I wonder what cool gadgets we see in movies now, will wind up coming to reality and becoming part of our daily lives.

lightsaber????? fingers crossed…



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