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Iain Grout was kind enough to deliver yet another lecture to us concerning sustainability and our general lack of hope for the future. As I do not want to repeat myself (or for that matter, my colleagues) too much, I want to pick up on just one point that was casually tossed into the conversation. The following quote was mentioned (I’m paraphrasing, but I’m sure you will forgive me):

“The planet would be perfectly happy without us!”

I personally think this is a very flawed and weak argument. Not even from a stance of self preservation. This argument is simply nonsense.

The planet is nothing more than a very large collection of atoms.

Obviously the planet would be happy without us. Equally obviously, the planet would be content to have no life whatsoever. I think the planet would be happy to be a few million degrees warmer. The planet doesn’t mind… its a heap of rocks.

As a christian, I have my own beliefs as to why we are here. In my opinion, we exist on this planet to glorify and honour God.
However, even from a Scientific viewpoint – human beings are often referred to as the universe creating a way to measure itself. This is a phrase thrown around quite often by scientists like Prof. Brian Cox, for example.

So, I think it is fair to say, no matter what you believe – the argument of “the planet would be better without us” is silly.

We are here. I think we have a purpose. Don’t you?


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