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We were given a lecture by Nicolas Oddy – a Lecturer at GSA, who was exploring the need for designers in society.

One major point that he raised was that, in his view, design has always tried to overstep its purpose. The idea that good design is morally good, and bad design is morally bad seems –  in Oddy’s view – to be simply nonsense.


"Good design = morally good, bad design = morally bad"

Is this true?

Personally, I am not sure of the answer to this question. I think the answer lies somewhere inbetween yes and no. I think good design can influence society in a positive way, just as poor design can have serious negative connotations.

Looking at something as trivial as types of patterned carpet somewhat degrades the argument. What about the design of hospitals? The design of machines of war?

What do you think?


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