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"Some people wait for Technological Cavalry to arrive..."

I have to admit folks, I am certainly part of the hopeful crowd waiting for technology to arrive to save the day. And, if you have read my blogs, no doubt you can guess what I am waiting for to save the day…

The idea of changing my entire life to be drastically more sustainable is very difficult for me to deal with. Which, I suppose highlights some more negative aspects of (at the very least) my own nature, such as selfishness, greed and sloth. Ben mentioned something which really confused me. He made a comment on windmills, that he would rather drastically change the way he lives than install a windmill every 3.5 km. Personally, I would much rather install the windmills, and get on with my life… Is that bad?

I think that long-term, Ben is totally right about changing our social attitudes being more important than changing our technology. Unless we drastically change our social/political stance, even with solutions like nuclear fusion, we will still encounter problems like global warming.

On a more optimistic point, I really enjoyed Ben’s numerical approach to some problems. It is exciting to see how simple some of these calculations are to do, and to see the useful numbers you can calculate easily and quickly.






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  1. It’s not bad that you don’t want to change your lifestyle, you are only human 😛 xx

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